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Generator Service - $175.00 plus parts


Service includes:


  • Change Engine Oil If Applicable

  • Replace Oil Filter If Applicable

  • Replace Spark Plug Or Plugs

  • Service or Replace Air Filter

  • Service or Replace Pre Filter

  • Adjust Valves if Needed

  • Set Engine RPM’s

  • Flush Fuel System

  • Replace Fuel Filter

  • Carburetor Adjustment

  • Carburetor Rebuild Or Replace If Needed

  • Add Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner to Fuel System

  • Adjust and Lube Cables, Check Operation

  • Tighten / Replace Nuts Bolts, And Fasteners

  • Test Generator Components

  • Load Test And Adjust Power Output

  • Final Operation/Safety Check


Engine Replacement - $300.00 plus parts
Oil Change - $25.00 plus parts
Starter Repair - (On Unit Exposed) $50.00 plus parts

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