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Reel Mower Service - $125.00 plus parts

Service includes:

Change Engine Oil
Replace Oil Filter If Applicable
Replace Spark Plug
Service or Replace Air Filter
Service or Replace Pre Filter
Adjust Valves if Needed
Set Engine RPM’s
Flush Fuel System
Replace Fuel Filter
Carburetor Adjustment
Carburetor Rebuild Or Replace If Needed
Add Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner to Fuel System
Adjust and Lube Cables, Check Operation
Visually Inspect Belts
Inspect Idler Arms For Wear
Tighten / Replace Nuts Bolts, And Fasteners
Inspect And Lube Chains
Inspect Tines
Power wash Unit
Final Operation/Safety Check

Service with Sharpening - $200.00 plus parts

Engine Replacement - $200.00 plus parts
Oil Change - $25.00 plus parts
Starter Repair - (On Unit) $50.00 plus parts 
Sharpen And Adjust - $100.00
Reel And Bed Knife Replacement - $200.00 plus parts
Belt / Chain Replacement - $75.00 plus parts
Clutch Replacement - $200.00 plus parts

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